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Business Should Be Simple

Connect What Matters: Your Customers, Your People, Your Partners. Welcome to Identifi.

Enterprise wide software to organize documents, create business processes, sign documents electronically, and measure analytics.
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Customer Centric

Connect customers to processes.

Identifi enables you to build business processes that work inside and outside your organization. Let customers initiate a process using online forms they can access from their desktop or mobile device. Those processes are routed step by step to the appropriate people within your organization.
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Everything Under one Roof

Identifi brings together features that would normally require several disparate products. Create business process, manage millions of documents, track required documents for compliance, and sign documents electronically, and integrate your line of business with a single solution.
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A Product that Works the Way you Do

Create custom processes, organize your documents, import your data and use business terms that make sense for you. Identifi enables you to personalize your experience to fit your need. Identifi fits you like a well tailored suite.
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  • Why Banks Invest in Identifi

    Identifi takes banking to new tiers of efficiency, providing extraordinary visibility, improved accuracy and an enriched customer interaction.
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  • A Perfect Union

    Connect Identifi to your credit union to enhance your members' experience. Modernize your teller line with Electronic Receipts. Automate loan and account opening with Electronic Signatures. Stay in compliance with Document Tracking.
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Get the most out of your workflows now!

The identifi software suite was made by people who deeply understand the power of workflows.
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