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Desktop and Online E-Signatures

Close the Deal - Skip the Paper

Identifi provides both on-premise or remote production-ready electronic signature platforms to automate the signing process for everyday business forms.

Close the Deal

Automate the signing process.

Built for both retail and point of sale locations or remote signing, Identifi simplifies the process of gathering customer signatures for piles of paperwork. Identifi uses advanced imaging technology to classify your documents and find the signature areas on them automatically. On a PC, tablet or smartphone, customers are guided through the signing process by moving through the documents from one signature to the next. Signed documents are stored with transaction data so you can retrieve them at any time.


Keep the apps you already use.

Adding electronic signatures to your line of business application is a snap. Just print to our virtual printer (instead of the tree killing variety) and Identifi pops up with your documents ready to sign. Select the number of signers and Identifi automatically adds the correct number of signatures for each signer. Use our innovative form designer software to teach the system about your particular documents. Identifi uses powerful imaging technology to find document signatures even if they move on the page from time to time.


Secure transactions with E-Sign.

Identifi uses dedicated signature tablets that record biometric information with each signature. Biometric signature information is combined with the document to create a tamper evident seal. Any attempt to modify the document will render the signatures invalid. Keep auditors happy with audit logs keep track of every step of the signing process. Identifi complies with E-Sign and UETA legislation so everyone can breathe easy.


Your business goes further than your office walls.

Need to sign documents offsite? Maybe you’d prefer to review documents with customers in a meeting room? With Identifi, you can create your documents on your desktop and take them for signing anywhere with iPad or Android table devices. Customers can sign directly on the tablet device using just a finger for signature capture. After signing, completed documents are finalized and uploaded directly from your tablet device.

Integration API
Easily add online signatures to your application with our secure web services API.
Offline support
Offline support allows you to keep business moving on the desktop even if the network is down. Completed packages are sent when the network becomes available.
Biometric Data
Biometric signature data includes timing, stroke speed, and direction to uniquely identify a signer. Specialized verification software is available to forensic examiners for nonrepudiation cases.

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