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Make Your Existing Applications Better

Identifi connects to the systems you already have. We work with your existing data and third party applications to enhance their capabilities and enable them to work for you in new ways.

Automatic Indexing

Streamline the indexing process by integrating with your external business systems.

Identifi allows for easy integration with your external business systems which allows you to associate business data with the documents stored in the Identifi platform. During the Indexing process, Business Data lookups can be configured therefore reducing key strokes and errors. Our “Data Sync” process allows document metadata to automatically stay up to date as your line of business data changes.

Business Data

We love your data as much as you do.

We know you already have plenty of data floating around your office. It lives in different systems of record and spends most of its time being idle and not helpful. Identifi allows you to model and store any data format for easy integration with the line of business applications you use every day. We can pull in data from nearly any relational database platform. We make that data actionable to create new business processes, speed up document indexing, enable document tracking, and provide business intelligence with analytics.

Desktop Integration

Identifi desktop integration allows you to access documents directly from within the applications you use most.

Identifi helps you be more productive with our instant image enable technology. Our technology recognizes the screen you’re on and finds the key data on that screen. That enables Identifi to find and retrieve documents that are relevant to the work at hand. Identifi keeps you just a keypress away from accessing your full document repository.

Document Import

Ok, so we admit we're in love with structured data.

But we like your documents too. We integrate with your existing network folders to import documents automatically. We can also leverage any multi-function printers you may already have in your office. We import documents from any brand MFP and even read barcodes along the way. Identifi also handles documents with metadata produced from their third party systems. Our professional services team will work with you to get any custom metadata format imported.

Professional Services

Our team is here to help.

Our professional services team can help with building custom data imports that work with your existing file formats. We can also help with creating especially tricky custom reports and dashboards. Have a legacy system you need to convert? No problem! Our experts have lots of experience extracting data from third party systems and will help make the transition a breeze.

Push Data to Cloud Automatically
Use secure protocols to regularly move your business data to the Identifi platform.
Web Service API
Connect to our integration API to create custom solutions or white label integrations.
Read barcoded data from third party document generation systems

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