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Identifi brings together the pieces to build amazing collaboration apps. With electronic forms, businesses processes, and electronic signatures, you’ve got the tools you need. Get started today without a degree in rocket science.


Keep millions of documents secure, organized, and in compliance.
Keep all of your document assets organized. Define the search fields that make sense for your organization. Apply a robust four tier security model to control who sees what. Convert paper documents to digital to make them accessible and properly managed. Use document tracking to ensure you have the right documentation to stay in compliance.


Stay in Compliance. Keep Auditors Happy.
Identifi document tracking helps you ensure that you have the correct documents on file for any business process. Whenever you open a new account or on-board a new customer, document tracking kicks in to keep tabs on the documentation. Automated tracking of recurring documents keeps you up to date year after year. Use exception reporting to find missing documents; especially the ones that are high value.
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Desktop and Online E-Signatures

Skip the paper using secure electronic signatures to complete routine paperwork.
Setup forms to enable Identifi to automatically find document signatures and automate the signing process for routing paperwork. Identifi walks you through the documents to eliminate process exceptions due to missing signatures. Use any of the document origination apps you have today with simple print-to-sign integration. Sign documents remotely, wherever the customer is with mobile access for smartphone and tablet devices.


Point of sale electronic signatures for paperless transactions.
Identifi can easily integrate with your existing point of sale software to capture your customer’s signature as part of a transaction. E-Receipts are indexed and stored automatically for easy retrieval. Set business rules to control when customer’s are asked to sign. Customers can choose to receive email copies of their transactions; even in the drive thru!


Take full of advantage of your existing line of business applications by integrating them with Identifi.
Identifi can connect to the business applications you use everyday to make them more useful than ever. Leverage your line of business application data for automated document indexing, compliance, and business processes. Setup keystroke access to documents and business processes right from your existing screens. Need help? Our Professional Services team, is ready to help you achieve your goals.

Workflow - Business Process Automation

Cloud-based applications for the rest of us.
Create internal and customer facing applications with our no code business automation platform. Build your business automation one step at time with the easy-to-use plan designer. Create forms using a drag and drop form designer meant for business analysts and not developers. Build apps for customer on-boarding, hiring, service requests, orders, and more.


Modern self-service business intelligence you can really use.
Identifi lets you get answers to questions quickly with Instant reports. Pull your insights together with Dashboards that give you an overview of everything that’s important. Use beautiful visualizations to the story clearly. Share dashboards and reports to keep everyone up to speed.
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