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How do your Processes leave your Customers, 
Employees and Vendors?
Frustrated, Waiting, Questioning?
Leave Them:
Comfortable, Calm and Knowing
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Grow your franchise with Identifi
What do you do when you need a franchisee to approve documents, when someone submits a request or signs up for a new service through your web site, when there’s a request for employment, when an employee needs to approve an invoice, or you bring on a new employee? All of these processes typically require multiple people and multiple systems to get these tasks completed.

Without a method to watch over the entire process, sometimes steps either never get done or get done too late. Any of these processes has the potential to cost our businesses sales and lost efficiencies resulting in higher operations costs and lower profits.
Allows routing rules to be created using our plain English rules designer. Each step of the process can be assigned to different groups or individuals based on those rules. Each step can present documents and data as necessary for employees, customers, or suppliers to take action. New processes can be started manually or automatically. People are automatically notified when new items are available for them to work on.
Gives you the ability to quickly create forms to collect data as part of a web site or within a process. Once the data is collected it is used to feed other systems used in our business processes, data is used to make decisions on routing and presented so others can perform their tasks. These forms can be used to onboard new employees, collect information requests from a website, collect data for an invoice approval or any other process where information is needed to be collected and acted upon.
Automated Text and Emails
Can be sent out anytime in the process to request additional input as part of the process or to provide status where a task is in process and what is left to be done. No more guessing where it is in the process, or if someone is working on it.
Can be important when customers or prospects are waiting for a response, or when business needs require it. BPM can add insight into your business, each step in the process can be timed. If that task, at that step is not completed, in the allotted time, you can define in the process what to do, like send an email or text to someone and/or elevate the task to a manager.
Parallel Processing
Is where our BPM allows multiple steps of a business process and multiple people working on that same process, at the same time. This makes it possible to complete an entire business process in a shorter time allowing non-dependent steps to be completed simultaneously.
Of your entire process, how much time each step takes, and how much time each person takes to complete tasks will provide you valuable information. You can improve or eliminate steps in a business process to increase productivity, and point to areas that need more attention or training.
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