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Front Office, Meet Back Office

Customer centric operations are the future. Identifi enables you to create business processes that put your entire organization directly in touch with the customer.

Process Designer

Make a plan and stick to it - if you want.

Build business processes visually with Identifi’s plan designer. A plan is made up of different types of steps everyone can understand. Steps can do all sorts of things like gather data using a form, send an email notification, prompt someone take action, or wait for documents to arrive. Connect the steps in your plan together with actions. Each action leads from one step to the next. The rule builder allows you to add business rules to your plan. Rules can be attached to actions so Identifi can guide your process through the right steps automatically.

Rule are great, but everyone knows they’re made to broken. Some operations just don’t fit well into strictly defined rules and steps. Identifi handles these scenarios too. Plans can be designed to allow users to make routing decisions on the fly. That allows them to make decisions based on changing conditions. Apply that option in just one place or set it on every step. It’s up to you. Everyone likes a rebel.

Online Forms

Simple online forms for the rest of us.

Identifi includes an easy to use form designer to create mobile-ready online forms. Use drag and drop to add fields to your form and arrange them easily. Design forms that customers, partners, and employees can access from anywhere. Deploy forms for new customer on-boarding, hiring, service requests, orders, and more. Identifi automatically begins a new process for each submission and routes it internally to the right people throughout your organization.

Collecting the right data on a form can be tricky. Simply set which fields are required or readonly and Identifi handles the rest. Add pick lists and field groups for things like multiple addresses or order line items. Even configure forms to partially fill themselves by pulling in key data your business may already have.

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Automated Versioning

Change that you will actually like.

What happens when your operations or your business rules change? No problem, Identifi makes it easy to adapt your process. Each time you publish a new version of your plan, Identifi finds any in-flight activities and automatically adjusts them to meet the new plan design. Now you don’t need to worry about waiting for old activity to finish before they start following the new rules. That makes getting your process to meet new requirements a snap. Everything should be this easy.

Unified Inbox
See all your work in one place. Easily filter and sort your list by priority, date, subject and more.
Find completed processes or things that are still in progress. Use any of your business data as part of your search.
Not quite sure what you're looking for? Easily browse your in-flight process
Use role-based security to determine who can manage processes, create plans, or administrate the system.
Users with the necessary security can manage processes by changing their priority, reassigning work, or terminating them early if necessary.
Set the priority of each process individually. Use priority to meet SLA's or service VIP customers faster.

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