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Remove the friction from your business with the

Fran Dev Process

There’s a lot of moving parts when it comes to franchising. All too often, you get stuck handling all the little details that you get too busy to focus on the most important element of a successful business: building relationships.

The Identifi Fran Dev Process is here to help.

We work with clients across the country to streamline their systems, automate their sales processes, and remove the friction from their business so they can focus on people. And, we’re able to automate using your existing rules—with no custom development.

With the Identifi Fran Dev Process In Your Corner, You Can:


your entire sales process, from lead to signed franchisee agreement.


text, email campaigns, electronic signatures for FDD Receipt and Franchise Agreement, etc.


your existing sales process to improve the prospects’ experience quickly and easily.


and archive all your important documents in one place.


reports on the staff, vendors and prospects included throughout your process.


on building relationships and increasing revenue, not manual processes.

No-touch background and credit checks. Remote electronic signatures. Unlimited email drip campaigns. You can transform your business with the Identifi Fran Dev Process. So, what are you waiting for?

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Fran Dev Process Features

Focus on building your business while Identifi takes care of the rest. From website inquiry to an electronically signed franchise agreement, our robust automation tools will completely transform your sales process with the following features:

Number of users
Standard sales process
Modifications to standard sales process
Custom sales process with your rules
Remote electronic signatures
Standard online reports and dashboards
Custom reports added to dashboards
Unlimited Email Drip Campaigns
Inquiry link for your website
Searchable archive for candidate data and documents (resume, franchise agreement, etc.)
No-touch background and credit check
Additional fee
Additional fee
Integration with other systems
Additional fee
Customer support
Email / Phone
Email / Phone
Setup fee
Contact Identifi
Monthly fee per user in the sales process
Contact Identifi
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