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May the joy of the Holiday Season carry over into the New Year!

Integra Client Conference Agenda below:
Integra Client Conference Agenda below:



Monday, Feb 22nd

 6:00 - 11:00 Fishing Charter – Clearwater Beach Marina

Jim Bryant, Integra’s lead Implementation Coordinator will LEAD you out into the Florida Gulf to catch the finest of Spanish Mackerel, King Fish and Grouper on this off shore fishing expedition!

                                 10:00 – 1:00        Winter the Dolphin Tour – Clearwater Aquarium

This is not your typical aquarium!  The Clearwater Aquarium is a marine life rescue center and home of Winter the dolphin, star and inspiration of the hit movie Dolphin Tale, which was filmed on location.  Winter is not the only animal others include, sea turtles, otters, sharks & pelicans.  Come be inspired and educated by their ongoing work of rescue, rehabilitation and release. Includes a boat ride.  Meet Abby Ross our VP of Sales in the lobby.

                                   1:00 – 4:00       Beach Tennis/Volleyball – Sheraton Sand Key Resort

Come join Chris Oppenheimer, AVP of Customer Support out on the beach volleyball courts at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort for some fun!  Combine, volleyball & tennis and you get the exciting sport of Beach Tennis.  You don’t need to be a professional to play and you are always welcome to just come out and watch by the tiki bar.

                                 6:00 – 8:00         Welcome Reception – Poolside/Sheraton Sand Key Resort

Welcome!  Join the Integra staff, Partners and other Integra customers for dinner and drinks poolside at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort.  Network with your peers and enjoy the live Caribbean music.  Drink, Dance and enjoy the beautiful sunset on Clearwater Beach!

Tuesday, Feb 23rd        

                              8:00 - 4:00   Registration – Outside of Palm/Bay Rooms

                              8:00 – 8:45   Breakfast – Island Room II

Get ready to learn! Join the Vendors and Integra employees and your peers for breakfast.  Start out your morning well while preparing for an exciting day of education.

                              8:45 – 9:30   State the Union Address – Palm/Bay Rooms

President and CEO of Integra, Alan Wiessner will open the day’s events with a recap of where Integra has been and where we are going.  Get ready for a big reveal!

                              9:30 – 10:45 Keynote Speaker – Palm/Bay Rooms

Bob Hirschfeld a “Cybersatirist” takes a satirical look at business and technology and the world around us.  Start the morning out laughing with Bob who was a contributing writer for Jay Leno from the Tonight Show.

                             10:45 – 11:15 Break

Open Technology Solutions (OTS) is the CUSO for Bethpage Federal Credit Union, Bellco and SECU, which have over $10.5 billion in combined assets.

The three partner Credit Unions are supported by a centralized Operations Center called S3 – Shared Service Solutions, LLC.  Each Credit Union has their own iDentifi Server running on their network.

Scan stations are located at S3, to assist in making correspondence available in one business day.  Multi-function printers are also used to scan general mail (including loan payments, collections, insurance, etc.) totaling over thousands of documents per week across all three Credit Unions.  This has made the elimination of Mail/Courier service possible.

Bethpage and Bellco are running the iDentifi.WEB repository with hundreds of users employing electronic signature, e-receipt, scan stations and E-Report.  Bellco and SECU also run the iDentifi.Trak module to avoid audit exceptions.  Tracking includes automatic e-mail notifications and reports when documents are pending or in exception.  Exceptions are automatically cleared when documents are added into the iDentifi.WEB repository.  If documents are recurring; ticklers are automatically reset at the point of recurrence.

E-Receipt (for paperless receipts) works with signature pads, as well as with Ingencio and Pax units at the teller, which interface with the Verifast Solution from Fiserv/Open Solutions Inc.  This one unit can be used for swiping and signature.  The Credit Unions are using the dual logo feature of e-Receipt for shared branch transactions.

All three credit unions are using e-sign for loan documents and new account signature cards.  Documents are scanned with automatic indexing provided through barcodes that integrate with core by reading the core data file for indexing.

It is ideal to have one central repository for all your information.  The iDentifi.WEB repository imports the following automatically:

Information can be accessed through Fiserv/Open Solutions DNA Core, or directly through the KWYK (Key What You Know) search engine which is part of the .NET iDentifi.WEB repository.

E-Report is not just limited to the downloaded Fiserv/Open Solutions reports, but also includes auto indexing of Elan Reports, WITS (wire transfer reports from Pathfinder), FDR Reports, IS Reports, ERAS Reports, Fidelity Reports, Co-Op reports and abandoned property reports.  Conversions can be supported from the legacy systems; Synergy, DocStar, Spoolview and Aace.

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