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Identifi Fran Dev Process

Interested in a way to automate and manage your sales process from your Website Inquiry to electronically signed Franchise Agreement?

Want your people focused on building relationships, understanding what the candidate is looking for and explaining your Brand's value?

Let Identifi manage the rest!

Let Identifi Sales Automation manage:

  • Each sales step starting with the candidate inquiry from a link on your website that we provide
  • Automatically move the candidate from step to step as work is completed
  • Send out and capture the candidate Questionnaire online at the right sales step
  • Store the candidate Resume when uploaded with the Questionnaire
  • Automatically collect the candidate's signatures on the FDD andFranchise agreement
  • Store the signed FDD and Franchise agreement
  • Automatically store the FDD and Franchise agreement Evidence Summary as part of proof of online signatures.
  • Identifi will automatically store all the documents and have them searchable for retrieval by candidate
  • Automatically store the background and credit check documents
  • Automatically populate dashboards with online reports so you know:
    • Number of candidates at each sales step by each employee
    • How long
      • Each candidate has been sitting at each sales step
      • Each candidate has been sitting on completing the questionnaire
      • The candidate has been sitting on the FDD before signing
      • Each candidate has been sitting on signing the franchise agreement before signing
Identifi Dashboard Sales Step Chartchart of the age of each sale
Number of Users1UnlimitedUnlimited
Standard Sales ProcessYesYesYes
Modifications to Standard Sales Process
Custom Sales Process with your rulesNoExtraYes
Remote Electronic SignaturesYesExtraExtra
Standard Online Reports and DashboardYesYesYes
Custom Reports added to DashboardNo2 additionalUnlimited
Inquiry Link to add to your websiteYesYesYes
Candidate data and documents archived and searchable (Questionnaire, FDD, FA, Background, Credit, Resume, etc.)YesYesYes
No touch Background and Credit Check (auto order, auto pickup, auto stored)No$xx$xx
Integration to other systemsNoExtraYes
Setup FeeFree$4000TBD
Fee per Candidate in the sales processFreeProposalProposal
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